Thursday, February 11, 2016

Snapchat Rainbow

Snapchat has been renovated and add features to complement the essence of the app and pass in a subject that has been pending for years: increase revenue. it is the use of Live scores and live results on this occasion, that is, the content can be delivered specifically in relation to a sporting event.

A function that is based on geofiltros, ie filters that classify the content by location, this time in the case of a city or an enclosure. A feature that is currently only available in the US and includes NBA games and other mass sporting events.

Thus Snapchat looking for a new source of audience and also be an alternative to existing as to the ways to follow an event in real time through mobile, either from official accounts or through the attendees themselves. Snapchat For a fact and represents an alternative relay for many media apps such as streaming live and Periscope or Meerkat. But you know this time to transform the audience into profit?

News and events: these mines explode

If this new feature is familiar is not surprising, given that both Twitter and more recently Facebook and viewed juice can pull events of hundreds of people, or what is the same, hundreds of phones and their potential users. While speaking of this scale for these functions falls well short when according to TechCrunch know that Snapchat last week 20 million views were achieved in 51 sporting events.

As Live Score differs from these rivals it is the way to show this filtering content. Snapchat condenses the posts of the same user in a line so that the follower does not lose these new snaps from the rest of content and not be so heavy if not interested. Something that happens on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, where it is relatively easy to lose our picture if the flow is higher in a short time by their size.
The other differentiator is in a cause and consequence of the launch mode: the casual alternative to competition, that is, be more of a sports fan and not a means. You probably do not open Snapchat to find out the results of the sporting event that interests you, but a B-side, a different perspective such as the atmosphere in the bars or in the stands, which is a target for would not have to compete so directly.

Transform the audience into money

Live Scores which means it is also a new source of income. The service has achieved a number of major sponsors such as Pepsi, Amazon or Budweiser for Super Bowl 50 Live ahead of the stories in the NFL. We do not known agreements in this regard as to the Live Scores, but it would be logical that counted with them taking advantage of this new form of monetization.

In fact, Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat, puffed out his chest to traditional broadcasts on television referring to the meetings of the college football league for a weekend in March 2013. Business Insider included in the statements of the CEO, that connected during a subsequent conference in the app surpassed in terms of television audience. Not surprisingly, as we know from TechCrunch the company raised $ 485 million from 23 investors during Christmas 2014.

Given that Snapchat option may be interested in the events, Live Scores arises because as a new injection of income waiting to know the sponsors. But does everything in its tools Snapchat for profit? The key seems to be no new releases, but the need to change strategy, although it seems evident for some time, do not appear to figure in the plans of the company.

Better late than never, but it soon

Snapchat not incorporate ads until October 2014, added that began as usual in the United States and communicated explaining that had not happened so far for lack of offers. The explanation was as obvious as expected: they needed to make money. What if the event was more surprising it is that since its inception in 2011, and reaching figures of 400 million daily shipments in 2013, had waited so long to introduce.

In fact, the company earned revenues in 2014 were $ 3 million, a very low figure when compared to what LINE collected during the same period, 640 million, having grown by 176% over 2013 and reaching 181 million monthly active users (MAU). Estimates Business Insider article that we cited earlier, Snapchat have started 2014 surpassing 200 million MAU.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Microsoft Mobile

Which is about to end has been a very important year for Microsoft, not by success as in the case of Huawei but Yes at the enterprise level and renewal, speaking globally and not only with regard to mobile phones. A year in which the company has wanted to redefine their goals and mobile division has not escaped the changes.

After balance sheets and analysis of markets during the year we have already seen how the portion of Microsoft in the mobile market was becoming small for those who, by contrast, have grown. What is the mobile division in the Redmond company? Its CEO, Satya Nadella, speaks of this to Buzzfeed.

Nadella has already done more than give clues in the letter published this summer, indicating which approach would take the company in each of the fields and above all emphasizing this redeficion which is barruntó already when more than one year before smart CEO witness. The Microsoft of 2015 would follow focused on cloud and centralizing the areas of use of its software and hardware.

This redirection is that Nadella has focused in recent months and spoke of this in the interview, explaining that the tools in the cloud are designed to expand the mobile experience, so that what we do can be followed from the device that is, through a screen to another. In this sense, Satya separates two concepts: the mobile experience and mobile device itself, emphasizing that our data and how to interact with them are what always will be with the user further than the device you are using.

You can start (day) with a phone, but then you surround yourself screens, large and small, and sensors in the Conference room. And then when you return home, television or your Xbox. The idea is that; your apps, your data, and your context is moved from device to device

Thus Nadella follows with what already explained in the release this summer in relation to just that focus on sales and that the goal was to sell more. A change of course quite realistic further than the new philosophy of the company since although they have their audience, to date the numbers are not too flattering for the Lumia sales.

Says Nadella to Buzzfeed indeed that this is untenable, before data such as which featured Gartner in its latest report estimating a worrying share of 1.7%. But he argues that the company remains focused that the device has less weight than the services:

I think we harms ourselves by measuring the success attending only a: what is the market share of HoloLens? What is the Xbox? That of PCs? That's our phones? [...] If you think of it as a graph, mobiles are a nexus. Sometimes the user will use all devices, others will only use one or two and other platforms, and that is fine. But what we want is that we are completing the experience through the devices.


One of the reasons that many users argue to not opt for a Microsoft terminal is the lack of apps (or its maintenance or improvement) in the Windows store (Phone). When asked to Nadella on apps and developers, CEO admits that it is a weak point of the system and that it is necessary to strengthen it.

However, remember here Satya that this is something that has tackled in its new operating system Windows 10, partly by the Astoria and Islandwood initiatives that our colleagues from Engadget spoke previously consisting of attract other platform developers by providing them with the transition at the level of software. It is convinced that those developers who eventually abandon this system will return, but refers rather to other fields such as HoloLens or Xbox.

There is no doubt that in the case of smartphones, we are not currently among the more powerful platforms. But with HoloLens going to recover much of that elite of developers. And we'll also thanks to the Xbox basically turned into a Windows-based computer.

They are a nexus or a key part in the strategy of the company, the truth is that this year we have already received part of that change in the choice of mobile at least in terms of number of releases and renovated series. I may have been in an attempt of centralization pursued by the company having some absences iteration as the 700 and 800 series and reinforcing the line's flagships.

However, facing next year no shortage of rumors talking not only of a possible 850 Lumia, but also the possible Surface Phone, changing nomenclature and serving seemingly something more

Iphone 3d Touch

With the launch of the 6s iPhone and iPhone Plus 6s met 3D Touch technology, which was nothing more than an extension of the familiar Force Touch at the Apple Watch and the MacBook Pro to the world of the iPhone. If you still don't know it, 3D Touch works totally transparently adding a layer to the screen detects the pressure with which you press it, and thus allows us to interact with the interface.

The possibilities of 3D Touch are currently limited to four: gestures of peek and pop, quick action on the applications on the Home screen icons, and detection of pressure when we draw.

But as 3D Touch is something completely new, it can be difficult to get used to it, but that have been making for months use could no longer go back. The question is that there are dozens of gestures or hidden actions that do not know because no one advertises them, not even the Apple own, but put them there so they are discovering themselves.

They are things like Preview tabs in Safari, shortcuts in third-party applications, or the line width control when we draw in notes. In this video, the guys at Mac Rumors show us some of the most interesting functions of 3D Touch, and sure that you didn't know:

Remember that only Touch 3D is available in 6s iPhone and iPhone Plus 6s, and hopefully wanting to go to expand to the rest of family iOS with the passage of time. If it is not yet available on the iPad it is precisely by technical limitations of how this technology to a panel as large as an iPad. So it will be a matter of time before this is possible. In which insurance will see you will be in the next iPhone 7.

7 iPhone will come with a 3D Touch whose sensors have been remodeled, as they seem to confirm some images of a prototype leaked in WeChat. In them you can see a change of location of the main hardware and cables, for the
A series of leaked images on the WeChat social network reveal that one of the new features of the iPhone 7 would be a group of completely remodeled 3D Touch sensors. In particular, we can see the change of location of flex cables, as well as the point of contact of the hardware.

A feature that provides accuracy to images is the emergence of the Apple logo in the longer cord.

It is no surprise that Apple continue in its efforts to improve its new system for pressure sensors. Especially taking into account that each numbered iPhone tends to bring about a number of developments in each one of its components.

Apple touch pressure sensors made his debut with the launch of the Apple Watch by 2015 under the name of Force Touch. Since then technology managed to take the step to the 6s and 6s Plus iPhone smartphones, although it was renamed as 3D Touch for the occasion.
New 3D Touch in iPhone 7

For now there is no news about an implementation in the next line of iPads, although it is very hard to believe that Apple is not considering it among his immediate plans. In fact, rumors indicate that it is not present in the tablets is due to certain problems of adaptation to the scale of the iPad, and that surely if that will be equipped on the new iPhone 7.

3D Touch is one of the Apple to expand the forms of interaction with their devices. Depending on the strength that we use to select an item on the screen, you can perform different actions or we can see different menus.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Samsung galaxy s7 future

In the absence of a month so it is known officially, Samsung Galaxy S7, possible next flagship of the South Korean brand, could strengthen a series of characteristics that are disregarded in the current model, Galaxy S6, as the capacity of water resistance and the return of the microSD card slot.

According to the rumors that run in internet forums and specialized media, the new proposal of the South Korean firm in the field of mobility will be continuity in the aesthetic, but will delve into performance and more advanced features, thus following the inertia instated in every generation.

A dark frame, the new terminal will incorporate, if we attend to leaks from an employee of the Assembly line which echoes «GSMArena», a photo sensor Britecell - rather than technology Isocell - 12 megapixels, which would be able to absorb more light than the current sensors to the detriment of the image size.

With finger pressure

Galaxy S7 maintained, at the same time, the characteristic Home located on the back of your screen, button whose size is 5.1 inches Amoled and with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. Even talking about integrating Force Touch technology, which responds to the pressure of the fingers and that opened last year iPhone 6S and that open, at the same time, a new way of interacting with screens.

The degree of protection IP67 it that we talk about will allow, in addition, make it resistant to water and dust in certain conditions such as immersion for a period of half an hour. Turns the selected processor, has been leaked which could even incorporate a Qualcomm (Snapdragon 820) or model developed by the company itself (Exynos 8890) with 4 GB of RAM, which would make it one of the most powerful 'smartphones' on paper, i.e., depending on the features, although the figures do not imply, as it has been demonstrated on numerous occasions in the so-called test that analyzes the performance ("benchmark") that it is more powerful than another.

Just a month before the Mobile World Congress of this year, the first rumors of future terminals come out little by little. One of these devices that always cause more commotion is the new flagship killer by Samsung, the rumored Samsung Galaxy S7, which we have already received more than one news.

By tradition, all indications are that this S7 will be presented at MWC this year, so it has as we go forward to date, rumors about this "top" of Samsung will fire more and more. In this case, it seems that the screens of the new S7 measures are already confirmed, according to an Indian environment.

The screen of the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be 5.1 and 5.5 inch
When Samsung last year announced its new baked of S6's, their screens were the same in all models, both with flat-screen TVs as curve. Apparently, this year will not be as well, and different models have different screen sizes.

samsung info

According to information published by Zauba, web export and import from India, and collected by PhoneArena, the S7 Galaxy will come with two different screen sizes according to the type of screen, i.e. the S7 will incorporate measure 5.1 inches while its edge version will integrate a 5.5 inch screen.

Besides, these two modes of display would have a QHD resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels, though it is information does not seem as rigorously as the measures of their screens. Whatever it is, Samsung always has innovated and surprised with its "flagships" AMOLED screens, and these S7 are not likely to be an exception.

The model Samsung Galaxy S7 edge plus might stay away from these measures and incorporating a larger screen, as happened with the S6 edge and the S6 edge plus, although for the moment they are just rumors, since usually this version tends to be announced later.

It is presenting the new S7 Galaxy the Samsung Unpacked event on February 21, a day before the start of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. In it we will see with what surprises us Samsung and if really all the rumors are true. As always, we will be there to bring you all the news first hand.