Thursday, February 11, 2016

Snapchat Rainbow

Snapchat has been renovated and add features to complement the essence of the app and pass in a subject that has been pending for years: increase revenue. it is the use of Live scores and live results on this occasion, that is, the content can be delivered specifically in relation to a sporting event.

A function that is based on geofiltros, ie filters that classify the content by location, this time in the case of a city or an enclosure. A feature that is currently only available in the US and includes NBA games and other mass sporting events.

Thus Snapchat looking for a new source of audience and also be an alternative to existing as to the ways to follow an event in real time through mobile, either from official accounts or through the attendees themselves. Snapchat For a fact and represents an alternative relay for many media apps such as streaming live and Periscope or Meerkat. But you know this time to transform the audience into profit?

News and events: these mines explode

If this new feature is familiar is not surprising, given that both Twitter and more recently Facebook and viewed juice can pull events of hundreds of people, or what is the same, hundreds of phones and their potential users. While speaking of this scale for these functions falls well short when according to TechCrunch know that Snapchat last week 20 million views were achieved in 51 sporting events.

As Live Score differs from these rivals it is the way to show this filtering content. Snapchat condenses the posts of the same user in a line so that the follower does not lose these new snaps from the rest of content and not be so heavy if not interested. Something that happens on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, where it is relatively easy to lose our picture if the flow is higher in a short time by their size.
The other differentiator is in a cause and consequence of the launch mode: the casual alternative to competition, that is, be more of a sports fan and not a means. You probably do not open Snapchat to find out the results of the sporting event that interests you, but a B-side, a different perspective such as the atmosphere in the bars or in the stands, which is a target for would not have to compete so directly.

Transform the audience into money

Live Scores which means it is also a new source of income. The service has achieved a number of major sponsors such as Pepsi, Amazon or Budweiser for Super Bowl 50 Live ahead of the stories in the NFL. We do not known agreements in this regard as to the Live Scores, but it would be logical that counted with them taking advantage of this new form of monetization.

In fact, Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat, puffed out his chest to traditional broadcasts on television referring to the meetings of the college football league for a weekend in March 2013. Business Insider included in the statements of the CEO, that connected during a subsequent conference in the app surpassed in terms of television audience. Not surprisingly, as we know from TechCrunch the company raised $ 485 million from 23 investors during Christmas 2014.

Given that Snapchat option may be interested in the events, Live Scores arises because as a new injection of income waiting to know the sponsors. But does everything in its tools Snapchat for profit? The key seems to be no new releases, but the need to change strategy, although it seems evident for some time, do not appear to figure in the plans of the company.

Better late than never, but it soon

Snapchat not incorporate ads until October 2014, added that began as usual in the United States and communicated explaining that had not happened so far for lack of offers. The explanation was as obvious as expected: they needed to make money. What if the event was more surprising it is that since its inception in 2011, and reaching figures of 400 million daily shipments in 2013, had waited so long to introduce.

In fact, the company earned revenues in 2014 were $ 3 million, a very low figure when compared to what LINE collected during the same period, 640 million, having grown by 176% over 2013 and reaching 181 million monthly active users (MAU). Estimates Business Insider article that we cited earlier, Snapchat have started 2014 surpassing 200 million MAU.