Thursday, January 28, 2016

Iphone 3d Touch

With the launch of the 6s iPhone and iPhone Plus 6s met 3D Touch technology, which was nothing more than an extension of the familiar Force Touch at the Apple Watch and the MacBook Pro to the world of the iPhone. If you still don't know it, 3D Touch works totally transparently adding a layer to the screen detects the pressure with which you press it, and thus allows us to interact with the interface.

The possibilities of 3D Touch are currently limited to four: gestures of peek and pop, quick action on the applications on the Home screen icons, and detection of pressure when we draw.

But as 3D Touch is something completely new, it can be difficult to get used to it, but that have been making for months use could no longer go back. The question is that there are dozens of gestures or hidden actions that do not know because no one advertises them, not even the Apple own, but put them there so they are discovering themselves.

They are things like Preview tabs in Safari, shortcuts in third-party applications, or the line width control when we draw in notes. In this video, the guys at Mac Rumors show us some of the most interesting functions of 3D Touch, and sure that you didn't know:

Remember that only Touch 3D is available in 6s iPhone and iPhone Plus 6s, and hopefully wanting to go to expand to the rest of family iOS with the passage of time. If it is not yet available on the iPad it is precisely by technical limitations of how this technology to a panel as large as an iPad. So it will be a matter of time before this is possible. In which insurance will see you will be in the next iPhone 7.

7 iPhone will come with a 3D Touch whose sensors have been remodeled, as they seem to confirm some images of a prototype leaked in WeChat. In them you can see a change of location of the main hardware and cables, for the
A series of leaked images on the WeChat social network reveal that one of the new features of the iPhone 7 would be a group of completely remodeled 3D Touch sensors. In particular, we can see the change of location of flex cables, as well as the point of contact of the hardware.

A feature that provides accuracy to images is the emergence of the Apple logo in the longer cord.

It is no surprise that Apple continue in its efforts to improve its new system for pressure sensors. Especially taking into account that each numbered iPhone tends to bring about a number of developments in each one of its components.

Apple touch pressure sensors made his debut with the launch of the Apple Watch by 2015 under the name of Force Touch. Since then technology managed to take the step to the 6s and 6s Plus iPhone smartphones, although it was renamed as 3D Touch for the occasion.
New 3D Touch in iPhone 7

For now there is no news about an implementation in the next line of iPads, although it is very hard to believe that Apple is not considering it among his immediate plans. In fact, rumors indicate that it is not present in the tablets is due to certain problems of adaptation to the scale of the iPad, and that surely if that will be equipped on the new iPhone 7.

3D Touch is one of the Apple to expand the forms of interaction with their devices. Depending on the strength that we use to select an item on the screen, you can perform different actions or we can see different menus.