Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Samsung galaxy s7 future

In the absence of a month so it is known officially, Samsung Galaxy S7, possible next flagship of the South Korean brand, could strengthen a series of characteristics that are disregarded in the current model, Galaxy S6, as the capacity of water resistance and the return of the microSD card slot.

According to the rumors that run in internet forums and specialized media, the new proposal of the South Korean firm in the field of mobility will be continuity in the aesthetic, but will delve into performance and more advanced features, thus following the inertia instated in every generation.

A dark frame, the new terminal will incorporate, if we attend to leaks from an employee of the Assembly line which echoes «GSMArena», a photo sensor Britecell - rather than technology Isocell - 12 megapixels, which would be able to absorb more light than the current sensors to the detriment of the image size.

With finger pressure

Galaxy S7 maintained, at the same time, the characteristic Home located on the back of your screen, button whose size is 5.1 inches Amoled and with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. Even talking about integrating Force Touch technology, which responds to the pressure of the fingers and that opened last year iPhone 6S and that open, at the same time, a new way of interacting with screens.

The degree of protection IP67 it that we talk about will allow, in addition, make it resistant to water and dust in certain conditions such as immersion for a period of half an hour. Turns the selected processor, has been leaked which could even incorporate a Qualcomm (Snapdragon 820) or model developed by the company itself (Exynos 8890) with 4 GB of RAM, which would make it one of the most powerful 'smartphones' on paper, i.e., depending on the features, although the figures do not imply, as it has been demonstrated on numerous occasions in the so-called test that analyzes the performance ("benchmark") that it is more powerful than another.

Just a month before the Mobile World Congress of this year, the first rumors of future terminals come out little by little. One of these devices that always cause more commotion is the new flagship killer by Samsung, the rumored Samsung Galaxy S7, which we have already received more than one news.

By tradition, all indications are that this S7 will be presented at MWC this year, so it has as we go forward to date, rumors about this "top" of Samsung will fire more and more. In this case, it seems that the screens of the new S7 measures are already confirmed, according to an Indian environment.

The screen of the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be 5.1 and 5.5 inch
When Samsung last year announced its new baked of S6's, their screens were the same in all models, both with flat-screen TVs as curve. Apparently, this year will not be as well, and different models have different screen sizes.

samsung info

According to information published by Zauba, web export and import from India, and collected by PhoneArena, the S7 Galaxy will come with two different screen sizes according to the type of screen, i.e. the S7 will incorporate measure 5.1 inches while its edge version will integrate a 5.5 inch screen.

Besides, these two modes of display would have a QHD resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels, though it is information does not seem as rigorously as the measures of their screens. Whatever it is, Samsung always has innovated and surprised with its "flagships" AMOLED screens, and these S7 are not likely to be an exception.

The model Samsung Galaxy S7 edge plus might stay away from these measures and incorporating a larger screen, as happened with the S6 edge and the S6 edge plus, although for the moment they are just rumors, since usually this version tends to be announced later.

It is presenting the new S7 Galaxy the Samsung Unpacked event on February 21, a day before the start of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. In it we will see with what surprises us Samsung and if really all the rumors are true. As always, we will be there to bring you all the news first hand.