Friday, August 3, 2012


I missed last week!! It was a little crazy we had VBS at our church and with getting home late every night we were all WIPED out! So last Friday came and went :) I have a lot to make up for it though!

Here is a little glimpse of closing night at VBS, it was a western theme this year. SO fun! The kids raised enough money to buy several animals to help feed kids through World Vision . So awesome..our pastor agreed to dress up like a cow if the kids raised enough money, it was hilarious!! LOVE our church!

After a crazy week we went to Lake Tahoe for 2 days and it was wonderful! Tons of swimming, sand digging, relaxing..perfect 

Daddy & Hayden on the kayak. Usually the water is FREEZING, but it wasn't bad at all. Felt great!

The 4 loves of my life :)

A full day at the beach + pizza = CRAZY boys!

At sunset the geese all come up on the beach and feed, they dig in the sand and get something. Pretty fun to watch, you can tell they are so used to people because they could care less we were there! haha

This boy DID NOT want to leave! I didn't either :(

Ugh..the worst part about vacation!

This boy had to go and turn 11 on me yesterday!

YAY! Free ice cream scoop for the birthday boy :) It was over 100 yesterday so it was extra yummy!

Birthday cupcakes, rainbow chip w/ rainbow chip there anything better?!

Happy Friday! Thanks for stopping by ♥
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Disneyscrapper said...

I love this post! It feels like forever since i have seen you. as always adorable pictures. Happy belated Birthday to Devin. Love the Tahoe pictures!

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