Friday, July 20, 2012


Happy Friday! EVERY week I tell myself that I'm going to do a post midweek and it never happens! But next week I'm really going to! ha! So stop back by if you remember!
As with everyone else on instagram I'm sure, capturing life on your phone is so convenient. Without further ado here is a glance back at our week:

I'm sure everyone knows who Evys Tree is right? Well if not, Amy is an AMAZING hoodie etc. designer who was in jeopardy of having to close her shop. But by God's grace her shop was saved!! WOO HOO! These were by goodies from #saveevystree

A little bit of school shopping out of the way at Kohls!

One night last week while I was on the other side of the house bbq-ing, the boys decided to flood the other side for Lego boats! The only reason I figured it out was because I heard them yelling "GINGER!!!" The dog decided that she was going to LAY in the water! Awesome...

Last Sunday after church Hayden's tummy was feeling yucky so he needed to snuggle :) Everytime I look at this picture it melts me! I see his face as a baby, and he's starting kinder in about 4wks! WAAAHH!

Working on a horse/dog gallery wall for Hayden's room. Going to hang them up today, finally!

Scentsy orders! July is Bring back my bar month :) If you don't know about Scentsy let me know and I'll help you! Does anyone NOT know about it?! ;)

Jordan decided she was cold and she needed an accessory! haha

Got this idea from Nicky ! It was MUCH needed this week..and the initials at the bottom with days of the week? Because my boys fight EVERY night about whose turn it is to take a bath first! Ugh..

Oh I love you Trader Joe's! Since I'm now hooked on dirty chai latte's I decided to try to make them at home. Made one yesterday afternoon and the only thing missing was waiting in the line for it! ;)

Happy happy Friday! Linking up with Jeannett!
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Malory Holmes said...

Stopping by from Life Rerranged :) Great Pics! You have such a cute family. Your children are very, very creative with the water ;) LOL! Have a great and blessed weekend :)

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